Safety Signage For Your Business

Every business relies on signage to help customers and employees feel safe and informed. Signage serves a variety of purposes, from promotional to directional. Safety signage, on the other hand, serves a broader purpose in that it not only informs us of potential dangers, but also warns us of potential risks and safety regulations in a specific area, as well as protecting the company’s responsibility.

Many workplace accidents and injuries can be avoided with the right signage and procedures. Understanding your clients’ demands and specific safety requirements is critical to presenting them with the best signs for their company.

What kind of signage is needed?

The American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and OSHA (Occupational Health and Safety Administration) are today’s primary authorities on workplace safety, including signage, requirements, and their meanings. Safety signs, such as DANGER, WARNING, and CAUTION, are classified by danger risk to assist in determining which sign to utilize.

Be conscious of compliance rules when it comes to sign color, size, and location when selling safety signs.

Danger Signs

The most extreme category of OSHA’s three general sign kinds, this sign choice is utilized in places with the highest level of risk. They represent an immediate danger that must be avoided; failure to do so will result in death or serious injury.

Warning Signs

Warning signs are one hazard level below danger signs and indicate a hazard that requires extra attention and, if not averted, could result in death or serious harm.

Caution Signs

Caution signs serve as an accident prevention tag, indicating potentially hazardous conditions that could result in minor or moderate injury if not avoided. Use them to warn people about the dangers of dangerous practices.

Directional Signs

Directional signage is required to mark emergency and normal paths within an area and is a valuable sign option across all sectors. Because it aids in the flow of foot and manufacturing machine traffic, directional signage is important for maintaining efficiency and keeping personnel safe.

Prohibition Signs

Prohibitory signs are used to alert the public of the forbidden action, behavior, or object within the sign’s proximity in order to protect the facility and/or its residents. A red circle with a slash over top of an image of the prohibited activity or object is widely used.

Notice Signs

With notice signage, you may assist your customers in informing their employees and visitors about safety processes, rules, and practices. The headline on notice signs is always “Notice,” which is meant to bring attention to certain behaviors and expectations that must be met inside a designated area.

How Can We Help?

We’ve all heard stories about how some companies have neglected safety precautions in order to increase profits or cut corners on costs—and ended up paying dearly for it! We don’t want that to happen at your company!

At La Familia Media, we believe in providing our customers with a safe environment so they can enjoy the products we offer without worrying about getting hurt. We take great pride in our safety signage and make sure every piece meets strict industry standards for clarity and effectiveness.