7 Common Types of Wedding Signs

On a couple’s wedding day, signage serves as both art and function. Printed wedding signs can help visitors understand where to sit, how to find things, and what’s available at the bar.

Wedding signs, on the other hand, are a great method for the happy couple to exhibit their individual style while also beautifying their wedding venue (s). Being able to rely on a print professional to design flawlessly gorgeous signs for their special day may be a huge relief for busy couples.

The following are the seven most common types of wedding signs:

  1. Welcome Signs – Nothing quite like a lovely sign to welcome visitors to the big day to set the tone. A welcome sign, whether pastel or brightly colored, with a traditional or modern font, helps set the tone right from the outset.
  2. Ceremony Signs – Do you want your guests to feel comfortable sitting on either side of the aisle? They will be informed by signage. Do you want to bring a little fun to your space? Have the ring bearer or flower girl carry signs depicting the happy couple as children—perhaps even themselves in that role.
  3. Wayfinding Signs –  When the wedding ceremony and reception are both conducted in the same venue, signage can be extremely useful in directing visitors from one site to the next. Allow attractive signage to mark the way instead of assigning a bridesmaid or groomsman while post-ceremony family portraits are being taken.
  4. Social Media Signs –  By generating a unique hashtag for the wedding and displaying it on signage throughout the venue, social media users will be able to easily access all of the photos being shared, regardless of who is uploading them.
  5. Cocktail Signs –  Put the drink options on display to help with the line at the bar. This allows guests to make their decisions before approaching the bartender, allowing them to return to the dance floor sooner.
  6. Gift Signs – Give wedding guests who are bringing a gift some direction on where to place their package. Including a letter of gratitude on the sign shows them how much you value their thoughtfulness.
  7. Special Feature Signs – Is there a designated spot or table for favors, photo displays, or a guest book? Signage will direct travelers to the location.

Couples planning a wedding are always hectic, so collaborating with a local print professional to add all the finishing touches is a great way to relieve stress while also elevating the big day.

Here at La Familia Media, our team of professional designers is ready to help you create eye-catching signage, elegant seating charts, and other finishing touches for your big day. You can even choose from a variety of materials like brushed metal and acrylic. Your imagination is your only limit! We’d love to talk about what you have in mind for your event and offer our expertise on how to create something truly special.