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Gathering Requirements

We start by understanding your needs, preferences, and goals for the website. This involves conducting thorough interviews, surveys, and research to ensure a clear understanding of the project scope.

Designing Wireframes and Mockups

We create visual representations of the website’s layout, structure, and user interface using wireframing and mockup tools. This step allows us to visualize the final product and make necessary adjustments before launching.

Developing the Website

Utilize coding languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to bring the design to life. This stage involves building the website’s functionality, integrating any necessary features or plugins, and ensuring compatibility across different devices and browsers.

Testing and Launching

Thoroughly test the website for functionality, performance, and responsiveness. Address any bugs or issues that arise during testing, and once everything is in order, launch the website to your domain. We provide post-launch support for 30 days and basic training as needed to ensure a smooth transition.

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